Donations (English version)


Donate to Ajatananda Ashram

Ajatananda Ashram is a non-profit organization.
It depends entirely on donations to cover its daily operational costs.
Your entire donation will go towards developing the Ashram
and supporting its mission.
Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

There are several ways to donate (for credit card, please go down):

Bank transfer

  • Bank account details are available here.
  • Please include the message “DONATION FOR ASSISI RETREAT_2020” in the message field
  • There are no fees within the SEPA zone


  • Account:
  • The link to the donation page can be found here.
  • You will need a PayPal account, which you can open without charge
  • Please include the message “DONATION FOR ASSISI RETREAT_2020
  • Paypal fees are 1.4% +  0.25 €


  • You can make donations also in Bitcoin, through the Bitpay platform
  • The link to the Bitpay donation page can be found here.
  • Bitpay fees are 1.4%

NB: In the case of a non-SEPA transfer, the issuing costs are collected from our side, therefore, please be so kind as to specify to your bank: “costs covered by the sender” .

Credit card (preferred method)

We are associated with AssoConnect to facilitate donations by credit card. This fully automated system eliminates the need for lenghty manual administration at our side.

    • the page is written in French; if necessary, you can use Google automatic translation, in order to process your payment in English.
      1. If you have made a donation before, the system will ask you to log in. 
      2. Otherwise, you will be offered either to fill out an online registration form or to log in without joining.
    • Please include the message: “DONATION FOR ASSISI RETREAT_2020
    • AssoConnect fees for payment by credit card are 1.4% + 0.25 €