the future building

Three-dimensional model

This new building will be called “Abhishiktananda Sadan” (the “Abishiktananda Residence”), in homage to Swami Abhishiktananda (Father Henri Le Saux) who was the Master of Swami Ajatananda. It will increase the surface area of the current Satsang hall, extending and widening it to comfortably accommodate up to 250 participants. This future hall is located on the first floor.

The floors below and above are reserved for additional bedrooms (three per floor).

The entire surface of the upper terrace will be roofed to provide protection from the sun and allow its use during large gatherings. In the near future, this roof will be completely covered with photovoltaic panels.

The new building is back to back with the existing Satsang building and overlooks the small street that leads to the Ashram.

Here is the three-dimensional model of this extension of the Ashram: