International Retreat Assisi 2020

Spiritual Awakening and Non-duality in Assisi, (Italy)

with Swami Atmananda Udasin

Due to the evolution of the health situation in Europe and the complex regulatory obligations associated with this situation, we were forced to cancel the International Assisi Retreat 2020, from November 27 to December 2, with great regret.

But we are happy that Swamiji intends to animate replacing 4 Satsang two hours online, via the Zoom platform, from Saturday 28 November to Tuesday, December 1 included, from 16h to 18h (French time)!

Saint Francis’ message of universal love, peace, tolerance and unity made him perhaps the most fascinating spiritual figure of the West in the last millennium. Mahatma Gandhi exalted him as one of the greatest sages to have ever lived. His radiant presence is still felt today as the intense spiritual atmosphere of the small medieval town of Assisi where he lived.

Swami Atmananda invites us to join him in this auspicious setting to explore the nature of spiritual awakening through the fundamental concepts of Non-duality. We will uncover and contemplate the universal Truth that lies at the centre of both Advaita Vedanta and Christian mysticism.

The presence of the Poverello (the “Little Poor One”, as St. Francis was known) is an invitation to discover the infinite space of the Heart as our innermost Self. As our spiritual inquiry deepens, our attention is freed from the habitual tendencies of the mind and can return to the source of our awareness itself. In this profound recognition of that wich is always present, we can discover our true nature as pure Consciousness.

The four-day Retreat will consist of conscious morning walks, group meditation sessions (preceded by an introduction), and teachings followed by dialogue with participants. There will be French and English translation available for all participants. Our focus will be on remaining with our own inner silence in order to take full advantage of the spiritual energy of Assisi, which has a rich history as a place of initiation and inner awakening.

Organised by: The
Association Les Amis d’Ajatananda Ashram

In French and English with simultaneous translation


From 7:30 pm on Friday 27th November (arrival possible from 4 pm onwards) to 10 am on Wednesday December 2nd 2020.

Please note that this year 2020 there will be no pilgrimage before the Retreat.

However, an optional day of silence in Assisi will be offered on Thursday 26 November for those who would like to spend some quiet time in contemplation on the holy places associated with the great Italian mystic Francis of Assisi.

The organizing team manages ONLY the on-site reservations and logistics for the retreat dates (November 27 to December 2). For the day of Thursday 26th November, some visits will be proposed but in order to leave everyone the possible choice of a day in solitude on the one hand and above all the possibility to arrive at ASSISE at the time that suits him, these visits will be optional.

Finally, please contact the accommodation establishments directly to book the extra night(s) and meal(s) (see at the bottom of this page for addresses, phone numbers and email addresses).

Venue: Assisi, Italy

Accomodation : Participants will stay at either La Casa Papa Giovanni or La Cittadella Ospitalità and will eat their meals where they lodge.

1 – most of the participants will lodge at La Casa Papa Giovanni, Via San Paolo 32, 06081 Assisi (PG),

2- part of the participants will lodge at La Cittadella Ospitalità, Via degli Ancaiani, 3, 06081 Assisi (PG),

The satsangs will be held at La Cittadella Ospitalità in Assisi.


Registration will open on the 20th of July 2020, from 12:00 pm. Kindly note that, for practical reasons, online registration is preferred.


N.B. Kindly be advised that the organising team, which consists of the Board of the Association and a few volunteers, ONLY manages reservations and on-site logistics for the dates of the retreat.

If you wish to arrive before these dates or extend your stay afterwards, you should contact the accommodation establishments directly to enquire about reserving extra nights and meals. You should do this once you have completed your Retreat registration.

1 – La Casa Papa Giovanni, Via San Paolo 32 – 06081 Assisi (PG), Italy
Phone: +39 075 812467

2 – La Cittadella Ospitalità, Via degli Ancaiani, 3, 06081 Assisi (PG), Italy
Phone: +39 075 813231 


Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions:

Given the complexity of organising this International Retreat and the number of expected participants (90 participants in 2019!), we would be very grateful if you could send any questions you might have by e-mail only. We appreciate your understanding in this regard. It may, nevertheless, be possible to arrange a telephone appointment, if necessary.


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