International Retreat 2020 : Practical Information and Registration

International Retreat 2020 in ASSISI
Friday, November 27th (7pm)
to Wednesday, December 2nd (10am)

View of the old town of ASSISI


Friday November 27th, 2020 from 4pm, dinner 7:30PM, 1st meeting at 8:30PM

End of the retreat:

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 at 10am, departure possible after  lunch (meal to be paid for on the spot)

Accommodation venues:

Participants will be accommodated at the Casa Papa Giovanni or the Cittadella Ospitalita and will take their meals at their place of residence.

=> The majority of participants will be staying at La Casa Papa Giovanni, Via San Paolo 32, Assisi.

Entrance to Casa Papa Giovanni

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=> Some of the participants will be accommodated at La Cittadella Ospitalità della Pro Civitate Christiana, Via degli Ancajani 3, Assisi (500 metres, about 10 min. on foot from Casa Papa Giovanni).

Lz Cittadella Ospitalita (San Giovanni satsang hall)

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All satsangs will take place at La Cittadella Ospitalità della Pro Civitate Christiana:

Cittadella Ospitalità’s satsang hall


It is up to you to ensure your own means of transport to Assisi; the Transport page can be consulted now for your information. It is important that you report to the welcome team for registration at your place of accommodation from 4pm onwards on Friday 27th November, at the latest by 7pm, so that all participants can eat at the same time. The meal (7:30pm) will be followed by the introductory meeting on Friday evening, at 8:30pm., which will take place at La Cittadella Ospitalità.


1 – Please fill in the form below:

Please use only one form per participant, even if you come as a couple or as a group!

2 – Registration fee: 40 €.

This fee serves to cover the administrative and logistical costs of the association. It is non-refundable in the event of of cancellation on your part.

3 – After the online registration, you will receive an automatic email (please check your Spam box if necessary), inviting you to pay this fee (40 €) and indicating the possible payment methods:

  • by credit card, on our AssoConnect computer platform (your registration will be validated immediately);
  • by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal: select the option “Cheque” or “Others” when choosing your means of payment (your registration will then be validated only after receipt of the cheque, transfer or PayPal payment, which we will confirm by email);  in the case of transfer or PayPal payment please identify it precisely with your full name and the reference ASSISI 2020. SEPA transfer is free of charge in Europe. Otherwise please ensure that the bank transfer costs are borne by yourself and not by the association. 

4 – Cost of accommodation with full board: 300 € per person, all inclusive

  • vegetarian meals (from the evening meal on Friday 27/11 to breakfast on Wednesday 02/12/2020)
  • inclusive of the cost of renting the beautiful satsang room, equipped with high quality sound equipment
  • as well as all logisticals costs

For practical reasons, this payment will only be possible at most one month before the retreat:

  • Towards the end of October, you will receive an email requesting you to settle the total amount in a single payment
  • We invite you to use the same payment method as the one used for the registration fees
  • Please be sure to pay within 2 weeks (that is just 2 weeks before the beginning of the retreat

But we suggest that you register quickly, and above all, that you reserve your means of transportation!

Possibilities for accommodation:

=> mainly double rooms (some rooms for 3 people). If two people of different genders are to share the same room, it is important that you express this wish at the time of registration.

=> a maximum of 12 to 15 single rooms, with a supplementary charge of 40 €, which will be allocated first and foremost for motivated health reasons.

5 – Membership in the association Les Amis d’Ajatananda Ashram

For legal reasons, membership of the association Les Amis d’Ajatananda Ashram is obligatory. 

Please check whether you are already a member, otherwise join the association, preferably on line. See the membership 2020 page. If you don’t read enough French, trying using the automatic Google translation for website.

If you are nevertheless unable to join online, please commit to paying the membership fee upon arrival at ASSISI, in cash only!


Should the association be obliged to cancel this retreat – for any reason, especially those related to possible changes in the world health situation – the registration fee, but not the membership fee, will be reimbursed. Please commit not to claim damages.

In the event of cancellation on your part, via email:
  • more than one month before the start of the programme:

The annual membership fee to the association Les Amis d’Ajatananda Ashram will be retained, as well as the administrative fees, the rest will be refunded.

  • less than one month before the start of the programme:

Half of your total payment will be refunded provided that the cancellation reaches us by email no later than November 20th, i.e. one week before the beginning of the retreat.

  • less than one week before the start of the programme:

No refund is possible, except in cases of force majeure.

All cancellations will be settled within one month of the end of the retreat at the latest.

An interruption by you, once the retreat has begun:

for any reason whatsoever – does not entitle you to any reimbursement from the association, except in cases of force majeure. See if you need personal insurance, such as Europ’Assistance or Mondial Assistance for example.

The teaching:
on the basis of a conscious donation at your discretion.

All the programmes organised by the Ashram, in India and Europe, are offered free of charge. As a non-profit organization, Ajatananda Ashram depends solely on donations to cover daily expenses. If you feel inspired to help the Ashram promote its mission, please make a conscious donation. Every contribution is greatly appreciated and will be received with deep gratitude.

Donations can be effected in four ways:

  1. by credit card, click the link donations to pay on our website, in partnership with AssoConnect;
  2. by bank transfer, click the link BANK DETAILS; please identify the transfer with YOUR FULL NAME, and the reference DONATION ASSISI 2020;
  3. in cash in Assisi;
  4. via PayPal.


A – by simple registration form to fill in online: (if you have difficulties with the Internet, see the possibility of registering by phone below)

You will be able to choose your accommodation at the end of the registration form. For your information, here are the websites in Italian:

=> Casa Papa Giovanni:

=> or Cittadella Ospitalita:

These two places are some 500 meters apart, only 10 minutes on foot through the narrow stepped streets of the beautiful medieval city of Assisi … If you have difficulty walking we recommend the Cittadella to avoid the need to walk between the Casa Papa Giovanni and the Cittadella, the site of the satsangs, twice a day.

This is also the opportunity to let us know the name of the person with whom you wish to share your room.

B – by phone:

Send us an email (, in order to make an appointment by phone: we will call you back from our mobile or land line, to effect your registration.